Assessment Task 1 – Antalytical case study critique

For our first assignment, you will write a case study critique.  The word total will be approximately 1500 Words and you will be required to use at least 5 reference sources from a range of sources, using Oxford or Harvard Referencing and including a Bibliography.

Use the “Assessment Task 1 – Antalytical case study critique” special instructions that are now posted to the 844 iLearn page.  You will need to work as a team on this one, both in-class and online.  I’ll go into more detail in a minute.

We will provide feedback through iLearn and Turnitin software program with imbedded comment blocks and textual, as well as numeric marking feedback.  This is intended to help you improve your level of knowledge, writing and research skills in a constructive manner.



Analytical Case Study Critique – Assessment Task 1


Structured Analytical Techniques

         Key Assumptions Check

        Assessment of Cause & Effect:

         Key Assumption / Commentary / Supported / With Caveats / Unsupported

         Multiple Hypotheses Generator

        Broadens the spectrum of plausible hypotheses

         Components / Lead Hypothesis / Alternatives Brainstormed

         Quadrant Crunching

        Comines methodology of KAC & MHG to generate array of alternative scenarios

         Key Assumptions / Contrary Assumptions / Contrary Dimensions






1500 word (+/- 10%).

Minimum of 5 unique Source References required. Word Count includes Source Referencing in paper and Footnotes but notBibliography.

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