Part 1: Templete 
Please do Student B Grade 3 and a Female. 

-Use the templete provided and make sure all the accurate info 
Student B: This student has lived in the United States for not quite six months. Originally she/he
lived in a rural village in Brazil. The family moved in with extended family here in
Philadelphia arriving in November 2021. Prior to this, the family lived in Florida at a
quasi-refugee center established in Homestead, FL. The student’s math literacy
(computation only) is on grade level. It is estimated that his/her English proficiency level
is just at the early production/ beginning level with approximately 100 words in social
language. It would be critical in this case to look at what Florida might have provided or
not provided regarding education, etc.
Assignments needed to be done
Part 1 : Template 
Part 2: 2 pages Classroom Grade Level LearnerStatement: in list and bullet format 

Part 2: Classroom Grade Level LearnerStatement


Define your specific classroom of learners as succinctly as possible. Impress me with how much you have learned in your previous education classes.  You have done this before. Again, narrow this down to the critical issues as supported by the general environment of the school and grade chosen. (grade 3) PLEASE USE BULLET AND LIST FORMAT in approximately 2 pages. You should use a list format to present your information in a concise professional manner.

You should use a basic presentation framework/list wherein you briefly identify the following: about grade 3 

1. Physical Development characteristics with citation 
2. Cognitive Development Characteristics using Piaget with citation
3. Social-Emotional Development Characteristics using Erickson witcitation
4. Moral Development Characteristics using Kohlberg with citation