1.     Finda country member of the Euro Zone, or South America that has a relativelysmall middle class. Use the US and the Euro Zone as the standard. Make sure youunderstand what the euro zone means. Look at the performance of the stockmarket for that country. Draw two or three conclusions about the financial andbusiness prospects for that nation.

Do not select a countrywith a large middle class. It would be good to look at efforts to build themiddle class in the country you choose. Make your conclusions sensible. Forexample, will the countrys wealth increase? How would its business base grow?How will it protect its middle class in the future?

Use this checklist:

a.      Makesure the country actually has a relatively small middle class. Do not guess.Look it up!

b.     Financialand business prospects should be taken seriously by an MBA candidate. Thisdoes not mean a bloggers opinion or a Facebook like. It means that the countryhas or does not have good products and services to sell. It does or doesnot have strong prospects for gaining wealth in the years ahead.

c.      Yourpaper was carefully put together something you would be proud of. You usedpage headers, page numbers, have a bibliography of recent articles andproofread the paper.

d.     Youturned in the paper on time.

***Professor very keen on the wall street jounal, should be the main source current and cited ****

***********PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS******************