This assignment focuses on Augmented reality could affect daily life. There is also a description of  IT Service Management.So, you should develop exemplar C# code to demonstrate the advantages of these concepts

Augmented reality could affect daily life: IT Service Management

Paper details:

All paper format: Harvard Style All paper (can be +/- 10% of the needed word in the assignment).  Firstly, ,paper 1: Under Work-related Module – Question: How do people view how augmented reality could affect daily life? 3000 words . Secondly, Paper2&3 Under IT Service Management (ITSM) Module Question: Can be found in ITSM folder I had submitted. Thirdly, Q2 (1600 words) Q3 (2400 words) (4000 words in total). So, Since Task 1 and 2 in this module are connected, preferably to be written by the same writer if possible. If the writer needed extra time, can do.

 IT Service Management

Same writer for this paper2&3 can have additional 10days. So, Paper 4: Under Software Development ( required a computer science writer) Question: Traditionally the significant concepts of object orientated programming have included abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. You are to research and write a report that explains these four concepts and demonstrate how two of these can be used in the implementation of a custom dialog box in C# used to enter customer details. Therefore, you should develop exemplar C# code to demonstrate the advantages of these concepts. So,  when used in the coding of a custom dialog box and clearly explain these advantages in your report

Detailed Instructions


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