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Marketing for Managers: Analysis of a case study on social marketing.


This assessment looks at cause-related marketing which supports a cause, or social marketing that furthers a cause.

You are to critically examine and compare the RSPCA Adopt a pet campaign reviewed at


the WWF Adopt an animal reviewed at


Your task is to critically analyse both websites for information about the 4Ps of marketing.

Product – define the term and explain what the core benefit, the expected product and augmented product are for a customer;

Price – define the term and determine the initial cost and what is the ongoing cost for a customer;

Place/distribution – define the term and describe where can you obtain the product and how easy would it be for you as a customer to make a purchase;

Promotion – define the term and explain what messages are being sent to potential customers and what types of messages are these;

Based on the information and analysis you have completed, justify who is the target market for each campaign and explain if you fit within that target market.

This assessment will be a good step towards helping you for Assessment 3 where you will use the 4Ps to come up with your own cause-related or social marketing campaign.

Sample response

The commencement of RSPCA and WWF represents the resourcefulness which geared towards the increased economic performance which is unencumbered from any form of inconveniences. The Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (RSPCA) is working to mark an end to the cruelty towards animals by actively promoting care and protection. They rely on Individuals and on organizations to carry out their key work in the community (Parity, 2011). Australia’s vast continent is home to many magnificent plants and animals on Earth, and World Wildlife Fund or World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in partnership with other organizations have stepped ahead to protect these endangered species (Harrison, P. 1992). The products in RSPCA are the second chance animals which are being funded and supported by individuals which include dogs, pigs, hens, etc.; the products of WWF play a significant role in making certain that the environmental conditions are convenient for the organization to survive with limited challenges…..


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Discuss the importance of the concepts of fantasy, desire and televisual effect for understanding your own investment in particular media fictions and fantasies.

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Fantasy and fiction are dependent on the use of technology. This has brought about characters and outcomes that brings out characteristics that are satisfactory to the viewers. The unsatisfied appetite for the Transmedia products is essential for passing stories. In other circumstances, role-playing as seen in pieces such as the Lord of the Rings has let out the fantasy settings that encouraged its development and release for public use…

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How does being a manager of an intelligence unit (team, group) differ from being an intelligence practitioner? Moreover, what issues/challenges would a manager of an intelligence unit have to contend with?

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Intelligence unit has faced issues especially cyber-crime related plans. Combatting crime has led to the intelligence unit trying to solve the issue through merging various intelligence units. Such has led to combined efforts and strategies with the aim of determining the most appropriate strategies to deal with cyber-crime aspects….

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What are the 3Ps of academic assessments of cooperatives? Highlight the potential for regeneration as well as degeneration of democratic principles using examples to illustrate your evaluation

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The 3Ps entails purpose, permission, and positive suggestion all which assists a teacher to deal with personal issues that may be affecting learning. Most of the teachers believe that they need strong measurement skills and have beliefs that training they received was inadequate. Therefore, regeneration of demographic principles leads to restructured approaches with the anticipation that positive change will take place…

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Standardization in international marketing

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Standardizing international marketing should begin with the identification of the marketing goals. It is the needed chance to publicize information to the customers across the market concerning the enterprise. Another aspect that should be considered includes cultural variation. It entails branding products bearing in mind various cultural experts input in various markets. The aim is to ensure that the cultural contexts are not ignored and standardized…

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