1. Submit a two-page paper (not including cover and reference pages) on applying ergonomics and the human factors concepts and considerations in engineering and design, with the human in mind in the aviation and aerospace industry. 
    1. A minimum of 2 sources must be used. 
      1. Must use the attached source: “Towards Virtual Ergonomics: Aviation and Aerospace
      2. Additional sources used must be selected from the collection of attached material. 
  2. The information shall be properly cited and referenced using the APA 7th edition.
    1. NOTE: All cited information must be credible and be able to verify from source referenced.
  3. Determine what issues in engineering and design problems exist today.
  4. Review what is meant by “systems thinking, design thinking, humanistic thinking, and scientific thinking”; provide examples on how this thinking could improve human performance and aviation safety.
  5. Explore automation and its impact on human performance.
  6. Finally, identify new technology being used in design efficiency and human performance in all aspects of the aviation industry. 

Writing criteria:


  1. Paper shall provide an effective and concise overview/introduction; develops a coherent, central theme that is expressed in a structured, organized, and logical manner; and provides a provide an effective and concise conclusion.
  2. Paper shall address given assignment requirements; there should be evidence from course content and from valid, external sources should be used.
  3. Paper shall identify and analyze issues and relationships between factors with examples; supports argument based upon solid body of evidence; should apply to real-life situations and defined, if required.
  4. Mechanics of style should enhance content understanding and writing skillfully supports the message and is in required format. Citations and references present and in accordance with APA 7th edition.