This assignment focuses on Barefoot Dogs: Stories analysis. There is also an analysis of family of José Victoriano Arteaga of the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. 

Barefoot Dogs: Stories analysis : family of José Victoriano Arteaga analysis

For your Essay #4, carefully read and reread Antonio Ruiz-Camacho’s book Barefoot Dogs:
Stories, a collection of short stories about the family of José Victoriano Arteaga of the Polanco
neighborhood of Mexico City, including his five children and their families, the maids of the several
branches of the family, as well as Don Victoriano’s mistress and their child. As you did with your essay
on the film Paris, Texas and your chosen definition of the word “family”, for your Essay #4 consider a
definition of the word “home” and write an essay in which you explain what you think Barefoot Dogs:
Stories could be telling us about the concept of “home” as it relates to the characters in the stories —
whether they be members of the family itself or the domestics who serve them.

Barefoot Dogs: Stories analysis : family of José Victoriano Arteaga analysis

In thinking about your approach, you might consider some of the following leads, if they are
helpful for you:
First, the English word “economy” comes to us etymologically from the Greek word oikonomia,
which means “management of a household or state; or public revenue”. Oikonomia is based on the Greek
word oikos, which simply means “house”. Consequently, we can ask ourselves what the relationship
might be between home and economy, in the sense that we understand the word economy today (that is,
money, and the movement and use of money). Is that what “home” is — the shared economic lives of a
group of people, whether that group is a family or a larger community?
Second, a healthy economic situation (that is, having money and other material resources) implies
security — that is, we like to think that the more money or resources we have, the more secure we are
(and thus the happier we are as well?). 

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