Based on the Case Study critically discuss how it has engaged in strategic change in the recent past? (b) Evaluate how key elements of Human Resources management have contributed to its organizational effectiveness? (c) Provide a set of recommendations on the key elements of Human Resources management the organization needs to focus on in its strategic 5 years plan a head.

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Healthcare organizations around the world are under huge pressure to deliver quality services both in the private and the public sector. For this paper, Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar was selected as a case study.

Possible Solution:

The human resources management depends on various elements that promote the organization towards adapting to change and manage under pressure with the aim delivering quality services. Planning for change is essential in since it promotes flexibility and accommodates world changes as they happen such as new technology. Training and development also help the management to encourage the workers to be skilled and equipped to handle the needed changes in the organization. Finally, training and development is a crucial element that prepares workers to work under pressure as well as deliver quality services. The human resources management needs to ensure that recruitment and retention need to be considered since it is the anchor of the human resources systems and policies respectively…

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