The assignment describes Applied Health Kinesiology. In addition, there is a description of Benefits Associated with Plant-based Foods. So, provide a response to the six questions below.

Applied Health Kinesiology – Benefits Associated with Plant-based Foods

Choose THREE questions from the list below that most interest you. Find one research article that helps answer each question. A research article one in which data collected, subjects used, and results provided. Typical headings that you’ll see in a research article are Methods, Subjects, Data Analysis, Results, Conclusion and/or Discussion. Provide a response to the six questions below. Provide a short summary of the article as depicted in the example. In order to earn full credit (15 points), your responses should similar to the example below and you must provide THREE articles — respond to the same 6 questions for each article. You may find three different articles that address the same question or you can find one article for three different questions, etc.  

Applied Health Kinesiology – Benefits Associated with Plant-based Foods

  Firstly, what factors affect our food preferences? Secondly, what benefits associated with plant-based foods? Thirdly, what benefits associated with staying hydrated? Fourthly, what benefits associated with protein consumption? Additionally, what benefits are associated with resistance training? Also, what benefits associated with aerobic exercise? Besides, what benefits associated with stretching? Moreover, what a health risk that associated with obesity? However, what are some reasons why we have an obesity epidemic today?

·         What factors are associated with longevity?

 Applied Health Kinesiology – Benefits Associated with Plant-based Foods


1.      What the question to which this study helps answer? Does relaxation help academic performance?

2.      What the primary purpose of the study? The primary purpose to determine if meditation training affects performance on final exams.

3.      Who the subjects? 50 undergrad male & female college students between the ages of 18 and 24

4.      Summarize the methods: 22 students received 5 weeks of meditation training once a week prior to the end of semester exams; 18 served as control group and received no training. Final exam scores of the two groups were compared.

Detailed Instructions


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