What is your team’s product/service?  Provide a brief description.

Who is your primary target market? Provide a brief description.

Talk about your “integrated marketing communications” plan for your primary target market for your specific product by responding to the following:

What are three main objectives for your IMC?

What is the main message you need to convey?

Describe the modes (at least two) of communications you will use to reach your objectives and convey your message accurately (advertisement, sales promo, PR, direct mail and/or one-on-one sales) to introduce your product to the marketplace. And, talk to why you have chosen these modes of communications.

What media (at least two) will you use for your communications pieces (TV, radio, print, social, other)? Why do you think these media are optimal for your message?

How will you track and evaluate the results of your communications pieces?

What will be the costs to you to implement your IMC?

What is the scheduling for your communications pieces (assuming your product will enter the marketplace eight months from the beginning of this course)?

Apart from the text, use at least two sources found on your own or in this module to support your approach.