Base 2 Logic

Please answer the following questions

1. Why do you think base 2 was chosen in the early days of computing as the mathematical base for digital computing?

2. What other bases could be used in digital computing? Would that be better than base 2?

3. What does a 1 and a 0 represent? (Hint: most people think 0 means off, but it does not)

Binary Addition

Please answer the questions below

1. At the digital logic level, computer really only use addition. How can this be? How do you think addition in general can be used to do subtraction, multiplication, and division?

2. What is the difference between an AND gate and an OR gate?

3. What does an XOR gate do? Why is this valuable in digital computing?

Boolean Algebra

Please answer the questions

1. Who was George Bool and why did he create Boolean Algebra? (Min 50 words)

2. Who was Claude Shannon and what does he have to do with digital information theory? (Min 50 words)

3. Why was Boolean Algebra integrated into digital computing?

Digital Logic Fundamentals

1. Watch the video “Map of Computer Science”. Write down 5 key points from the video in the history of computer science that you think are vital to the digital systems we have today.

2. Imaging a computer build on digital logic in Base 3. What would the logic look like? How about the basic AND and OR gate? Could you use a basic NOT gate? Why or why not?

3. What is a “Buffer” gate? What does it do?

4. Translate the following Base 2 numbers into Base 10:

a. 10110010

b. 00010101

c. 11110000

d. 10101010

5. Translate the below Base 10 numbers into Base 3.

a. 14

b. 8

c. 22

Readings & Media

1. Textbook: Read and Study All of Chapter 2 on Logic

This is a rather long chapter that goes into the details of logic and Boolean algebra, as well as the electronic logic constructs that make a digital computer work in Base 2.

2. Information Sheet: Boolean Algebra and Logic

This short but highly valuable info sheet goes over the basic circuit constructs of Boolean Algebra and logic in a condensed manner which is quite helpful. Please read and study in depth.

3. Video: Intro to Logic Gates

This is a brief tutorial that visualizes the logic gates.

4. Video: Intro to Binary Numbers

This is the companion video to the one above and goes over binary numbers

5. Video: Map of Computer Science

An excellent visual on how computer science works.

An Excellent Brief Video Tutorial

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