This assignment focuses on Black history documentary. There is also a description of  types of service advertised. So, provide a detailed content analysis (with matrix) of a particular form of popular media.

Black history documentary : types of service advertised

Content Anylasis – analyze what types of service ae advertised during a black history documentary.

Assignment Instructions. For this second assignment, construct a 7-9 page paper that. a) situates, via your writing, the field of content analysis within the broader framework of qualitative methods. b) provides a detailed content analysis (with matrix) of a particular form of popular media (via either 30-plus minutes of content, 20-25 images, or some other parameter.  (instructor permission for which must have obtained prior to the submission of this assignment);

Black history documentary : types of service advertised

c) recommends further research in the content analysis area based upon the findings of your analysis. Through the lens of talented filmmakers. Also, we can re-live iconic moments in history like the 1963 March on Washington or climb aboard a Greyhound bus to join the Freedom Riders on their journey through the Jim Crow South. Documentaries offer rich insight into our society and culture. So, connect us to some of our proudest and most shameful moments in American history, and remind us of how far we’ve come. What follows is a list of powerful documentaries exploring Black history and culture in America.Your paper should utilize sound critical thought, refer to course materials, and b written in APA-format.  (to include a title page, abstract, appropriate in-text citations and a reference page).

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