Choose one of the professional scenarios outlined in this document:
ENG315 Scenarios [DOCX]
Write an email message from the perspective of a company manager who must communicate the bad news to one of the characters in the scenario you selected.
Focus on clarity, writing mechanics, and professional language and style requirements.
Address the communication issue from your chosen scenario.
Provide bad news from the company to the recipient.
Concentrate on the facts of the situation.
Use either the inductive or deductive approach to structure your message.
Address the current and past context of the situation considering your recipient has previously requested a review of the situation.
Include the proper introductory elements of the sender’s address, date, recipient’s address.
You may create any details necessary in the introductory elements to complete the assignment.
Provide an appropriate and professional greeting or salutation.
Your block business letter should follow the form of Model 7B. Developing the Components of a Bad-News Message example in the textbook:
Reveals subject of message and transitions into reasons.
Supports refusal with logical reasoning.
States refusal positively and clearly using complex sentences and positive language and ends with a forward-looking message to enhance goodwill.
Use single-space paragraphs and double-space between paragraphs.
Limit the letter to one page

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