Blue Ocean Strategy Part 1: What are the main principles of the Blue Ocean Strategy?

1. What are the main principles of the Blue Ocean Strategy? 2. Compare and contrast the Blue Ocean Strategy approach to other approaches to strategy a) What are the strengths and limitations of the approaches? b) Why are they interesting? c) To what extent are the various approaches susceptible or immune to the common flaws in strategic thinking? Introduction [10 marks] – the introduction should define the basic concepts of Blue Ocean Strategy, isolate the main issues to be addressed in your response and set-out how you are going to address these issues Describe the strategy of a company or product with which you are familiar [10 marks] – choose something that is interesting and in which the strategic issues are clear and important. High marks will be given for novel choices where the strategic issues are clearly identified in a focused way. and evaluate the issues in the case you choose focusing on: Strategic formulation [20 marks] – we have looked at various ways to do this using BOS to guide you Strategic implementation [20 marks] – we have looked at various ways to do this and there are many BOS tools to guide you Strategy outcomes and achievements [10 marks] – this will depend on your example, what were/are the successes and the failures? You should make sure that you use all of the BOS Tools in the correct way – since this is the main outcome expected of the course What impediments to strategic decision making, strategy formulation and implementation may have affected the case you choose and how were such issues addressed or avoided? [10 marks] – these are discussed in Topic 1 but some of the issues in discussed throughout might also be relevant Conclusions [10 marks] – the conclusion should draw together the main points raised and discussed and summarise your finding and conclusions clearly Presentation [10 marks] – High marks will be allocated to assignments that are clearly structured in a manner that presents the descriptions, evaluation and conclusions in a logical flow. High marks will also be allocated to well referenced work in which the references are relevant, current and correctly presented. Clear and error free use of English is also an advantage and will be rewarded.

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