The purpose of this project is to help students review science content.    You and your team will choose a science standard from another grade. 



You are a board game manufacturer, and you have been assigned the task of creating a board game that will help students review science content in a fun and interesting way!



  • Choose a science standard from the grade level the teacher assigns you. 


  • The game should be original, scientifically accurate, entertaining and educational.  Make it neat, colorful, interesting, and creative!


  • Create at least 25 questions and answers for your game that relate to the science content. The questions must be somehow incorporated into playing the game.


  • Relate the format and purpose of your game to the review topic in some way. Example: the game board is in the shape of Pangea


  • Type directions for your game that make clearly describe how to play the game. 


  • Make sure the content and difficulty of your game are appropriate for your science topic and for the children’s abilities. 


  • The games will be presented in class and will be tested by your fellow students who will evaluate the games.  We may have a Game Showcase Day with other students.


  • Your game board must have the following components:
    • Name of game and team members
    • Rules and detailed directions for game (typed)
    • Minimum of 25 questions related to the review topic, as well as the answers to the game questions.
    • Playing board with at least 3 original graphics used to give the cards and game board visual appeal.
    • Game pieces
    • Dice or spinner (if appropriate)


                      *Ten points are separate from the actual game: These will be group participation!!


Materials: colored markers, construction paper (large sheets), poster board or cardboard,  scissors, tape


First, students should research the following sixteen vocabulary terms for assistance in creating their board game, although they use other related words. (This can be made into a worksheet.)

  • Alfred Wegener
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Francis Bacon
  • Convection Current
  • Gondwana
  • land-bridge
  • Laurasia
  • lithosphere
  • mid-Atlantic ridge
  • Pangaea
  • plate tectonics
  • supercontinent
  • Geographic Fit (evidence)
  • Fossils (evidence)
  • Mountain Ranges (evidence)
  • Glaciation (evidence)
  • P-Waves
  • S-Waves
  • Atmosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Biosphere
  • Core
  • Mantle
  • Asthenosphere
  • Crust

Divide students into groups of 4-5 and have them come up with rules for their game using the following questions and instructions as prompts:


  • What is the object of your continental drift game?
  • What does the player do during gameplay
  • Does your game start in the Jurassic Period (when Pangaea began to break apart) or does it start during another time?
  • Students can use the board as a guide and recreate it to represent Pangaea if this fits their version of the game.
  • What is in your official rulebook?
    • How long is a typical game?
    • Is money involved?
    • Does the game have tokens?
    • Are players eliminated from your game or does everyone remain until the end?
  • Does your game have cards that are flipped over with questions on them? If so, the students will need to create cards.
  • How is the game officially won?

Each group needs to organize and write the objective and rules list for their game into a document that can be submitted to the teacher and used by their fellow students to play the game. The teacher will evaluate the submissions and choose several for the class to play.

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