Book: “Give Me Liberty! An American History SEAGULL SIXTH EDITION, VOLUME TWO Eric Foner”

Your topic needs to be on something that interests you, and concerns the time covered in this course, basically, something that has to do with American History between 1877 and 2001. That means the time period covered by our textbook. You will need to use at least 6 sources. Three of them must be books, the rest can be online. (You can always use online books!) At least three sources must be primary, the rest secondary sources. A primary source is one that is written or created during the time that your subject lived or your event occurred. For instance, if you were going to write on the Harlem Renaissance, you could use newspaper articles, photographs, and interviews as primary sources. A secondary source is one written after the fact, something like a biography on Louis Armstrong. The Internet may be used with a great deal of discretion; not everything on a site may be historically accurate. If you have questions about using the Internet, please contact me.
You will need a bibliography (works cited) page and footnotes/endnotes.