Throughout the semester we have discussed the various ways disability impacts people daily lives. Focusing on areas such as the use of language, models of disabilities, socio-economic status and culture. To gather further understanding of the different impacts of disability
students have been required to read “a book from the provided book list. Using examples from the book and 8 class readings students are to address the guiding questions in an 8-page paper.

Do not simply summarize the book for me. I have read these books. Critically, analyze the book by addressing the guiding questions and critically analyze how the theories presented and discussed throughout the semester apply to the book (story) as a whole.

Paper must be in the APA format and must be 8 pages in length minimum. (This does not include the cover page or reference sheet.)

Guiding Questions:

1.    What models if any are presented throughout the book?

2.    How does the author discuss the use of language throughout the book?

3.    In what ways does the author attempt to change the perceptions of disability?

4.    How does the author address the concept of normalcy?

5.    What are some of the institutions, experiences, and other factors that worked together to shape the experience of disability and how so?

How does the author experience ableism throughout the book?