In your final project for this course, you will choose an area of popular culture we have studied together in the course and investigate it in more depth.  There are several ways to focus this project:

  • You might choose a specific genre or category to research (country music, the police drama, 1960s fashion). If you go this route, you will be deciding on the limitations of your own project. For example, country music has a long history and you may choose to define your research based on time period or subgenre.
  • You could choose an individual who has had a lasting impact on popular culture and research their contribution to American or world popular culture. For example, you might look at Little Richard, who played an important part in the creation of rock and roll and rhythm and blues, as well as crossing color barriers in the music industry.
  • Something else. If you have an idea that you would like to explore, we can have a conversation about the topic. There is one caveat, if you choose a topic related to games and gaming, it needs to have a secondary popular culture component. For example, you might look at the fan culture around a certain game or the way a game uses music.


This project has two main pieces: a written portion and a presentation.

  • You will be writing a research paper explaining your findings and making a presentation to your classmates.
  • The Paper should include 3-4 documented, credible sources.
  • The Presentation is a place where you can be more creative with how you display your research.

Written Portion Formatting Requirements:

When writing your Final Paper, you need to address the following 3 questions: 

  1. Where does the topic fit in the field of popular culture?
  2. Does it address the intersection of popular culture with any historic, social, or political events or movements?
  3. Why is this topic important to the study of popular culture?

The Final Paper Formatting Requirements:

  1. Paper should follow APA formatting (header, page numbers, title on the first page of the essay, correct citation throughout).
  2. Essay should include a title page and reference page in APA format.
  3. Clearly articulate the project topic
  4. Be 3 pages or approximately 750 words
  5. The paper should include 3-4 documented, credible sources.
  6. Quote and Cite from course material- if applicable
  7. Include a Bibliography entry for all cited sources, including those assigned in class- if applicable.

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