This assignment focuses on Brand loyalty in the USA. There is also a description of Impact of social media marketing.

Brand loyalty in the USA : Impact of social media marketing

 Impact of social media marketing on brand loyalty in the USA

Paper details:

The Topic is “Impact of social media marketing on product loyalty in the USA”. So, because it is an Academic course please pay attention on the the Englisch style, it need to be very good without grammar mistakes. It is also very important that you only use academic/scientific journals/articles! For the structure: The term paper should include the following and there ar questions for orientation.   Firstly. a working title -> Does the title reflect the content as well as the research approach (for example “a comparative study”, “a strategic approach”)?

Brand loyalty in the USA : Impact of social media marketing

Secondly, Background to your research task (2-3 pages) -> Does the background explain the research interests of the author and why it is necessary to study the topic? Is the overview of the existing research in this area adequate? Does it identify a research gap?. Thirdly,  2-3 research questions -> Are the research questions clearly articulated? 4. Research method (2-3 pages)

Brand loyalty in the USA : Impact of social media marketing

-> Does the author explain how the research is to be carried out? Besides, Are the sources of data explained? Also, Does he/she distinguish between primary and secondary sources? Then, Is there an explanation of how the data is to  analysed and presented? Is there a clear idea of the results expected? 5. Timescale -> Is the research plan explained? Is it realistic in scope? 6. Resources needed 7. Initial bibliography (ca. 1 page)

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