The BEM2033 brands & branding assignment entails current branding strategies. So, applying appropriate brand concepts and theories covered in the course, discuss its future development”.


BEM2033 – BRANDS & BRANDING INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES ASSIGNMENT TOPIC.  Choose a brand and critically evaluate its current branding strategies. Applying appropriate brand concepts and theories covered in the course, discuss its future development”. Word limit: no more than 2,500 words Contribution to Module Mark: 50% Deadline: 27th April 2020 at 3pm – online submission 1. STRUCTURE A recommended structure for your assignment is as follows: Introduction (around 250 words): In this first part you should provide a brief introduction of the brand and its market context. If you have chosen a foreign brand that you think the examiners might be unfamiliar with, you might choose to provide further clarification either in the assignment or as an appendix. Brand Audit (around 700 words): In this part, you should provide a critical evaluation of the brand and its current branding strategies.


You are expected to apply relevant theories / frameworks into practice and in a manner suitable to the brand of your choice and its context. You should conduct both parts of brand audit: brand inventory and a brand exploratory. With regards to brand inventory, you should – verbally and visually. Profile the product(s) and/or service(s) of your chosen organisation explaining how they are marketed and branded. When it comes to the brand exploratory.  Besides, your evaluation should be based on secondary research data gathered from publicly available sources which should be appropriately referenced. In light of lack of available secondary data or in order to provide additional evidence to support your arguments.  (In the next part). You might choose to conduct your own primary research to understand the brand’s current performance with its target customers.

Detailed Instructions

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