Brief – Software Evaluation Presentation

Research word processing software on the Internet. Research Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and one other available word processing software program.

Using PowerPoint, create and format a presentation to show the results of your research. For each software program researched, list responses to the five criteria listed below:

  1. Requirements – What operating system is required? How much space does the software require?
  2. Functionality – Is the software easy to install or download? Does it operate quickly without “freezing” the computer?
  3. User-friendliness – Is the software easy to start using without having to read the manual?
  4. Price – How much does the software cost?
  5. Support – Is the Help menu adequate? Who do you contact when you need help with the software? How long does it take to get answers?


Select a graphic from each software’s website to include on the slide. Be sure and copy and paste the URL’s of all websites used on slide 6. Select an appropriate background design from your presentation software and apply to all slides. You will need to present this slide show to a small group of individuals.

Slide 1: Title slide – Word Processing Software as title, your name as subtitle

Slide 2: Software 1 – Microsoft Word (title), bulleted list of criteria, graphic

Slide 3: Software 2 – OpenOffice (title), bulleted list of criteria, graphic

Slide 4: Software 3 – Name of software as title, bulleted list of criteria, graphic

Slide 5: Recommendation – Choose the software you are the most impressed with and list at least three reasons why in a bulleted list.

Slide 6: References – List of URLs where information and graphics were taken from

In addition to your slides, you will need to key the script (what you are going to say to the audience) for each slide in the Notes Pane of that slide.


Make sure that:

  1. The slide text is easy to read.
  2. The background design is appropriate for the information presented.
  3. The information presented is in a logical and easy to understand way.
  4. The information presented would lead you to a buying decision.