In your role as a Business Process Consultant at Bryce-Kingston, you are writing an analysis for JBH Electronics who just received approval to acquire one of their competitors. The Board of Directors wants to ensure that the acquisition will be profitable and wants your perspective on how JBH can use a supply chain strategy to make the acquisition profitable. You will need to research the best practices in the industry for supply chain strategies.


Find supplemental articles and prepare an analysis outlining JBH’s profitability and sustainability strategy. Include the following in writing your analysis of the acquisition.

  • Using your supplemental articles, analyze a supply chain strategy for JBH Electronics.
  • Identify any potential issues and threats to resources that JBH may face.
  • Outline any potential areas to increase sustainability practices for JBH Electronics.
  • Based on your analysis and research, make a recommendation on JBH’s acquisition.
  • Provide attribution for credible sources.