BSBMGT403 Innovation and Business Industry Skills

As a ‘new manager’, you are to make a presentation to a collaboration workshop to implement a continuous improvement system at Australian Hardware. You will engage others by posing questions, presenting ideas, planning continuous improvement process team coaching sessions, and planning evaluations. Procedure 1. Read the Australian Hardware simulated business documentation found at the following link: Find the following information: Vision and Mission · Organisational Chart · Business Plan · Marketing Plan · Risk Management Strategy and Action Plan. 2. With a focus on customer service, identify where there is room for improvement in the systems and processes (e.g. where would a policy and procedures document on continuous improvement [CI] belong?). 3. Draft questions about implementing CI systems that you will ask at the collaboration workshop to encourage others to participate in decision-making, taking responsibility and exercising initiative (e.g. HR Implement continuous improvement – BSBMGT403 Innovation and Business Industry Skills Council Ltd, 1st Edition Version 2, 2015 Page 6 of 38 procedures on staff skills, recruitment strategies, training needs in light of customer service focus, and the need for a policy of continuous improvement). 4. As part of a collaboration workshop, create and deliver a presentation (maximum 15 minutes) that: a. gives examples of CI processes b. evaluates the effectiveness of CI processes and decisions in terms of how well they meet the stated goal/s of Australian Hardware c. includes a brainstorm session to identify systems and data for benchmarking and monitoring performance for CI d. identifies measurement tools (e.g. what will be measured and how?) and describes the data sets e. identifies monitoring tools (e.g. how will staff performance be monitored and what records will be kept?) f. gives feedback to the collaboration group g. makes recommendations and seeks feedback.

Quick Response

The identified business is Australian Hardware Ltd. One area noted that needs room for improvement includes a reduction in staff turnover. According to the business, employee turnover is expected to be high. This aspect can be dealt with by providing training to the employees and incentives to motivate the employees. Motivated employees are satisfied in their places of work, which reduces the chances of employee turnover(Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2009). Part of continuous improvement that can be embraced in this venture includes handling topics that promote customer service and taking responsibility at the workplace. One of the possible questions to be braised at a collaboration workshop includes what are the customers’ expectations and desires that needs are not met in hardware in Australia?..

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