2. Use the provided Excel file. The first sheet is named as “Data”. Do your calculations in the Q1 sheet in this Excel file to answer this question. Do the following tasks: use the data in the “Data” table to calculate average and mean of every numerical column. Besides, calculate the linear correlation between each pair of columns. Report average of “Time on App”, median of “Length of membership”, and the pairs having the largest correlation, respectively. * (20 punti)  

• 33.05, 3.53, “Length of Membership” and “Yearly Amount Spent” • 12.05, 37.06, “Time on Website” and “Time on App • 499.31, 3.53, “Time on Website” and “Avg. Session Length” • 33.08, 3.53, “Time on App” and “Yearly Amount Spent”  

3. Use the data in the “Data” sheet and write your answers and calculations in sheet Q2. Consider the “Yearly Amount Spent” column. Often outliers in a dataset can be defined as are outside the +/- 3STD from the mean of the data. Use your knowledge on standardizing a distribution. Find the rows of data in the “Yearly Amount Spent” column that are considered to be “outliers”. You may highlight them in yellow. How many outlier did you find? I need to see your calculations in sheet Q2. As well, write down how many outliers you found below.  

* (25 punti)  

 4. A farmer is trying out a planting technique that he hopes will increase the yield on his pea plants. The average number of pods on one of his pea plants is 145 pods with a standard deviation of 100 pods. This year, after trying his new planting technique, he takes a random sample of his plants and finds the average number of pods to be 147. He wonders whether this is a statistically significant increase. What are his hypotheses, the test statistic, and if we reject the HO or not? You need to use the Q3 sheet in the Excel file, to clearly, and concisely, explain your decision-making process. * (20 punti)  

• HO: mu =< 145, Hl: mu > 145, z_test = 0.24, fail to reject • HO: mu >= 145, Hl: mu < 145, z_test = -0.24, reject • HO: mu =< 145, Hl: mu > 145, z_test = 0.24, reject • HO: mu =< 145, Hl: mu > 145, z_test = -0.24, fail to reject  

5.0n sheet Q4, you will see two tables: payment, and customer. They belong to a DVD rental company. Each column in each table is easily understandable by its name. Write a query that returns first_name last_name, and amount that each customer has paid. Order it from the largest payment amount to the smallest. Below, please only write down your query, no explanation. * (35 punti)  

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