U1 Business Communication Skills Part 1 Cover Letter 50 Points

A cover letter.
Details of the position you are applying for NOT a link to it.
Cut and Paste it in to a separate docx…

1. Writing Assignment: Cover Letter: 50 Points
Write a cover letter for a position that your degree and skill sets make you uniquely fitted. It can be an internship or a full-time position.

Remember Single Space.


Apart from your name, contact information and date, please make sure that you include the name of the organization to whom you are applying. You should mention the position for which you are applying. The letter should high light your skills such as

What technology skills can you offer?
What other skills have you acquired in school, on the job, or through activities?
Do you work well with people? Do you enjoy teamwork?
Are you a leader, self-starter, or manager?
Do you speak, write, or understand another language?
Do you learn quickly? Are you creative?
Do you communicate well in speech and in writing?
You should close the letter by requesting an interview, providing your contact information.

Format & Length:

The letter should be single-spaced and no more than one page in length. It should include your name and contact information, date and address of who you are sending it to.

It will normally consist of three to four paragraphs. Remember to provide your contact information. In your email/letter you can only use “I” twice to start a sentence. Do not use contractions for this or any other assignment in this class….

Tips on Content:

You should talk about yourself as a Wayne State student, your academic background (honors, awards, organizations, etc.), your major and why you choose your major and any experience, your career goals and what make you a unique fit for the position. Discuss your work experience, any volunteer work or internships you have done in the past and how the work relates to plans for the future. Think about audience and purpose of the letter.
I am a junior at Wayne state I need two more semesters till I graduate I plan to work for ford or some big company