I. Business Overview • Describe your idea and business model: Who does what with whom how; who pays for it? • Financial value proposition: Why is this great idea from a monetary standpoint-for the people investing in the service or product; consumers? • Value proposition: What is your niche? Who are you selling to and why are they buying your product of service? • Vision: What is the ultimate objective of your plan? 

II. The Market • Customer Identification: who’s paying for goods or services; e.g. private consumer. • Market size, analysis and forecast: What is the need? • Industry analysis and forecast: Who else is delivering this service already? What is the outlook on this type of activity? SWOT analysis. • Your competitive advantage: What makes your business the best qualified/positioned to deliver the good or service you are proposing? 

III. Financial Analysis • Funding sources: Where will the money actually come from for the activity? What funding already exists or is committed? • Budget with detailed projections through Year 1. • Discuss assumptions and capital requirements. 

IV. Funding/next steps • How much funding/time does your plan require to get off the ground?