Expectations: Working in groups of two – three students), the first assignment (Position Paper) provides an opportunity for you to identify a contemporary issue facing law enforcement. The purpose of this assignment is to generate support for your position. In this assignment, you will identify an emergent issue in law enforcement. Describe your position on this issue and provide justification or reasoning for your stance. This document will serve as a foundation for your second written assignment and the final group assignment. With each written assignment (Position Paper, Business Case and Final Presentation) you will build out the framework of your position.
Be sure to include headings for your categories within the Business Case.
Preparing the business case involves an assessment of:
Business problem or opportunity (What is your identified issue?)
What are the benefits/risks of addressing (or not addressing) the issue?
Business cases involve a financial aspect – if yours does not involve finance, put the category ‘Finance – NA (not applicable)’
Technical solutions
Impact on operations
Organizational capability to deliver the project outcomes
See attachment -Adobe Business Case for template/parameters for writing a Business Case.
In this paper, once you have identified and introduced the issue, you will provide your rational (supported by referenced material) as to the impacts upon law enforcement. In framing your position – ask yourself the following:
Why is your chosen subject an issue? What makes it an issue?
What is the position law enforcement regarding this issue?
Support your position with evidence, not opinion. In order to support your position, you must research the topic, examining it from various perspectives, and provide a critical analysis in support of your stance.
Who is impacted by this issue: government, society, specific groups/community?
What are or will be the impacts upon those affected?
What are the risks/benefits of the solution?