This assignment explores Advanced practice Nurse prescribing rights in iowa. There is also a description of campaigns that support changes in APRN.

Nurse prescribing rights in iowa : campaigns that support changes in APRN

Advanced practice nurse prescribing rights in iowa

Paper details:

Using peer-reviewed journal articles or evidence-based practice websites locate policy or regulatory position statements or campaigns that support changes in APRN prescribing practices at the state or national level. In a paper not to exceed six double-spaced pages. While, excluding title and reference pages. Then, analyze these statements by assessing their alignment with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)’s Nurse Practitioner Prescriptive Privilege statement.

Nurse prescribing rights in iowa : campaigns that support changes in APRN

Additionally, (see AANP Position Statement & Papers). A clinical nurse specialist, for example. So, may e recognized in oncology, orthopedics, home health, or gerontology, among others. A nurse practitioner may be recognized in perinatal, school, or acute care, among others. However, prospective advanced practitioners should recognize that specialty categories are based on national certifications, and these change periodically. So,  changes may come at the recommendation of national stakeholders. Some Board-recognized ARNP categories are based on certifications that are no longer available to new examinees.

Some certifications are grouped together into broader categories. ‘Certified Psych/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner’ and ‘Psychiatric Mental Health Across the Lifespan CNP’, for example, ar both considered Category G.

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