Focuses on how crime is a ‘natural outgrowth of the capitalist system and how the criminal justice system works for the benefits of elites and against the lower social classes. The Law is made by the Capitalist elite and tends to work in their interest


Marxists argue that the economic system of capitalism itself causes crime. The whole system is based on the exploitation of the working class by the ruling class, leading to the ever-increasing wealth of one class and ever-increasing poverty of the other.

Criticism of the Marxist theory of criminology has tended to focus around the fact that much of the theory can really be seen as an “ideological condemnation of Western democracies and a call for revolutionary action to overthrow them,


Marxists claim both that the criminal law is affected by the social relations of production in capitalist societies, and that the criminal law is an instrument by which capitalist social order is maintained. Although there is some truth in each of these propositions, each needs to be qualified.