Capstone project requirements

This Capstone project is the culmination of everything you have learned in CCC’s 21st Century Authentic Leadership program.  For you this project, you will need to identify an area of weakness in your place of leadership (ex. lack of effective communication, lack of emotional intelligence, difficulty with teamwork, etc. at your workplace or another environment where you are a leader) and develop a plan to address this weakness using the strategies we discussed in the program.  You will then prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  The Capstone presentation must have the following sections:


1.Title Slide

a .Title of your project and your name

b. Personal tag line or quote


2.Introduction (minimum 2 slides)

a .Introduce your leadership context (where you lead/work, what you do, and how you get there).

b. Discuss historical aspects and changes in that area of leadership that have occurred over time.


3.Context (minimum 3 slides)

a. Provide information about the location where you practice leadership including the following:

1.City, state.


3.Historical information about the area that may impact your plan and its implementation.


4.Identification of the issue (minimum 2 slides)

a. Provide details of the area of weakness and why it needs to be addressed.

b .Provide examples (if any) of outcomes you have seen when this issue has not been addressed or those you can foresee if the issue is not addressed.


5.Plan (minimum 3 slides)

a. Explain the details of your plan.

b. Use the information you learned in this leadership program to provide details on how you would communicate your plan, get others on board, and implement your plan.


6.Outcome (minimum 3 slides)

a. Explain your desired outcome.

b .What possible pushback may you encounter?

c. How would you address the possible pushback you have identified?

d. What would you implement to prevent the issue from arising again?


7.Reflection (minimum 2 slides)

a. How were you able to use the information you learned to develop a workable plan?