Casestudy #1 clinical Public health group Mission

The Veterans Administration, Clinical Public HealthGroup has a strategic plan that includes this mission:

 We improve the healthof Veterans through the development of sound policies and programs related to    several major public health concerns. This includes HIV infection, hepatitis Cinfection, seasonal influenza,    smoking and tobacco use cessation, healthcareassociated infections, and other emerging public health   issues. Our primaryfocus is the health of Veterans. In order to achieve this goal, we work withVeterans   and their families, organizations that represent and support Veteranhealth care needs, and the variety of providers who deliver clinical,preventive, and support services to Veterans.

Our mission is accomplished through a variety of efforts,including: education and outreach, policy             development, clinical demonstrationprojects, quality improvement initiatives, population based surveillance,performance measurement, clinical practice guidelines, and research.

Question #1: how would you use this mission statement tocreate an out-line for a strategic plan? 

Question #2 Come up with at least threeaction steps that you could include in a strategic plan to accomplish at leastone of these visions?