You are a consultant who specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Your job is to analyze a specific companys CSR program, determine if it is accomplishing the desired purpose, recommend a CSR start-up program for a company that has not fully embraced this concept, and/or determine if CSR is in the best interest of the respective company.

 A few days ago, you were contacted by Walmart that would like you to evaluate their CSR program and provide specific recommendations on what they are doing well, what areas need improvement, and how CSR aligns with its reputation for ethical behavior and conduct.  

 Your contract stipulates that you will analyze the existing CSR program within the Walmart you selected, identify the pros and cons of the program, make recommendations for changes, and determine how effectively CSR aligns with the Walmart‘s ethical foundations, its vision and its mission.  If it does not have a CSR program provide a logical plan for why such a program would benefit the Walmart and how it should be implemented.

Assignment Structure

Paper (6pages) – Serves as the consulting report; an official document that will analyze the companys CSR program, explain your findings about the program, and include detailed recommendations.

Consider the following points in your report: (

Must respond to the following questions

You can reply to each question individually as an argument.


– Using the available research and your personal or professional examples – define CSR in your own words.

– Based on your research, what are the arguments both in favor of and against CSR?

– How do your arguments support your analysis of the CSR program for the company you selected?

– Use your personal and professional experiences to guide your ideas and recommendations on how the selected company can and/or should be socially responsible.

– How does the company or organization you researched make a clear link between the concept of CSR and the various ethical theories we discussed during this course? 

– Why is CSR a leadership issue?

– Provide no less than six references (not included in the six to eight pages).