The Case Study Analysis is a term paper where you will write in more detail about one of the bioethical famous cases described in our textbook.  The list of these cases which you can select from is in that document under course information and you will find it in the syllabus. 

If your last last name begins with A, you will select from the list (A-G) I pasted below in this email You will give some general background information on your case and then discuss the bioethical issues/framework brought out in your case.  Make sure to discuss some of these frameworks or theories we talked about in Chapter 1. You will also discuss where your personal position regarding this case.  The week before this term paper is due (case study analysis), you will submit an annotated bibliography of three sources you will select for your case study analysis. 

Below you will find a table list of cases. All of the cases were mentioned in the eText. Your goal in this assignment is to expand our knowledge of one particular case and the related bioethical issues involved.

Below you will find a Table of Cases has been separated into groups. Each group has a header with a range of letters. Find the letter that corresponds with your last name’s first initial. Under that heading choose ONE of the cases.


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