Case study event i have to select is commonwealth teat serie: australia vs pakistan

Task description

For this assignment you are to attend the event that you nominated and described in Assignment 2.

Your assignment should identify and critically analyse the positive and negative impacts of the event and evaluate aspects of its operational management to determine whether it has successfully realised its goals and resulted in stakeholder satisfaction. The event should be evaluated using the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line approach (refer to the academic literature on these concepts). A reference list should be provided for any academic literature cited.

This assignment can be presented as either a 1500 word essay or report.

Please note: This is an independent, self-directed assessment task and therefore students will be responsible for attending, negotiating any permissions if appropriate, their own transportation and any expenses incurred attending the event.


Possible Solution: 

Case: Australia v Pakistan at Melbourne, Dec 26-30, 2016

This report is about Commonwealth Test Series: Australia v Pakistan match played at Melbourne Cricket Ground from 26 December to 30 December 2016. The Australians were the hosts while the Pakistan was the visiting team. The Australian side won the game with one innings and 18 runs. The sections that follow are discussions of various aspects of the game. The first section deals with the purpose, goals and objectives of the test series in the second section, event program, location, and duration are explained along with the fourth section which delves the series’ role in the community and corporate stakeholders’ relationships. The last two portions of this report are titled governance and the impact of the event. They discuss the governance of cricket in Australia by the Cricket Australia and the impact of the test series event respectively.

Purpose, Goals, and Objectives of the Match

The purpose of the Australia v Pakistan match at Melbourne Cricket Ground was to play Australian side and the Pakistan side. The goals of the series, however, extent over a long time in the future in helping the Cricket Australia in meeting its target in making cricket the first choice game in Australia.  Cricket Australia also intended to use the game as an example to the citizens aspiring to become international-class cricket players in future. The immediate objective of this match was to determine the winner in the ongoing international cricket series in the 2016/17 season. The more the points a team gathers in the games, the higher the likelihood of a team winning the series title for the season.

Event Program, Location, and Duration

Australia v Pakistan match was the second cricket test series at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne Australia. The event lasted for five days as it began on 26 December and ended on 30 December 2016. Melbourne Cricket Ground was not a good cricket pitch because its surface is described as being rough and stony like while cricket out to be played on a grassy ground, as explained by Kimber (2016).

There was seemingly no strict program used for the game but each day was separated into game and break interludes. The provision of breaks amid games is a common norm in cricket games as well as other similar games such as volleyball.

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