case study proposal( australian grand pix melbourne)

Task Description:
Select an event for evaluation. The event must be either cultural, sporting, or business.

The event must be held after week 7 and before week 11 of this session. It should be a local event held within the region of the student’s current residence. A mega-event cannot be selected for this assessment task.

Using report format and style –

Describe the event – program, location, duration.
Describe the purpose, goals and objectives of the event.
Describe the marketing of the event.
Describe methods to be used to evaluate the event in order to complete assignment three.

Learning outcomes

Identify and discuss the various planning processes of the events industry and explore specific implications to event management
Identify and analyse the economic, environmental, sociocultural and political impacts associated with events and discuss the management of associated issues


Possible Solution: 

Executive Summary

The first Australian Grand Prix to be held in Melbourne was in 1996. The competition, Australian Grand Prix, is an annual event that is held in the beautiful country of Australia. Australia is under contract with the competition’s organizers to host the sport up to the year 2023. Within Australia, Grand Prix is recognized as the oldest competition of a motor racing nature to be held in the country. Since the year 1996, the motor racing sport has always been held in Melbourne, at the famous Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. Prior to the inclusion of the Australian Grand Prix in the Formula One World Championships, the event was held in a host of venues in Australia. While huge economic sacrifices were made to construct the grand prix circuit in the Albert Park, the profile of Melbourne has been raised across the globe, thanks to the event….

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