Case Study: Strategic Analysis (Global Sourcing/SCM)

Paper details:

Required Skills and Background Knowledge:

– For this paper, outstanding knowledge in Global Sourcing, Supply Chain Strategy, Project Management and Strategic Management is required. -> High demanding workload in terms of reading, reflecting and applying complex theories to the case questions from a holistic perspective

Keywords: Design Weltanschauung Model, CO-Evolution, CO-Creation, Sourcing SCM Dimensions, SCM Strategy, Fast-track Execution Strategy, Global Value Chains

Note: All case study questions must be evaluated based on state-of-the-art literature (peer-reviewed scientific sources, top rated articles/papers only).

Please only apply if you can answer the case questions from a holistic perspective. This includes applying the models explained in the provided literature and finding the bridge to the case question (independent degree of thinking).

Please read the entire instruction-file first and only apply if you are really interested in this field of study and can meet the requirements for this really demanding task.