Case Vignette

Case Vignette. The paper to focus on:

 Systemic Challenges  Collaborative Team Solutions  Social Worker Role  Diversity and Inclusion Considerations

Angela, 32, and David, 35, are an African American couple who have been married for ten years. David is an attorney and Angela is a first grade teacher. They live in a middle class, suburban neighborhood. They are foster parents to two African American/Latino brothers, Anton, age 6, and Isaac, age 4 whom they hope to be able to adopt. The boys have been with Angela and David for the last 9 months, since the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) removed them from their mother’s care after she tested positive for heroin and the children were found in the home unattended after a neighbor called the police out of concern for their crying. Anton and Isaac’s mother, Kyla, has weekly monitored visits with the children, and has been mandated to attend substance abuse counseling and parenting classes. According to the DCFS worker, Kyla has been inconsistent with meeting these requirements. During her last monitored visit Kyla told the boys that she would be “coming to get them soon.”

Quick Response

The systemic challenges in the case study include drug and substance abuse as well as the existence of a stable family. Isaac and Anton are identified to face challenges resulting from their parent’s behavior and lack of family warmth. This is due to the drug abusing mother and the physically and emotionally abusing father. Kyla is also identified to have gone through the distance between her parents. This could be the explanation for the distance between her and the two boys. The role of the social worker, in this case, includes ensuring that the boys get an education and have a family that meets their needs including emotional needs. Therefore, the social worker should ensure that the boys should be addressed to limit their aggressiveness. The collaborative team solution that could work in this instance includes engaging all the characters including Kyla, David, Angela, Isaac, and Anton with the purpose of discussing the future of the boys. Angela, David, and Kyla should come to terms that promote the wellbeing of the boys…

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