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A-Grade Essay writing tips

essay writing tips

Formula for writing Thesis Statements

writing Thesis Statements

Dissertation Chapter- Literature Review

This section of the dissertation proves to the reader that the writer has read and grasped other published work on a particular field or research question. In this case, you have to develop a research objective that guides the process of writing the literature review.

literature review

A well-written literature review should compare and contrast the views of other authors and put together authors with a common conclusion. It should also critic the methodologies used by the authors to draw their conclusions. It should also note areas, where the authors disagree and show the correlation with other previous studies.

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How to develop Research Paper Writing skills

Besides developing the oral communications skills, students also need to hone their technical writing skills. This resource provides some tips that will help students develop their research paper writing skills. The following steps describe the linear process of writing a research paper.

  • Narrowing down to an area of study

Narrowing down involves selecting an interesting and engaging topic.  You will need to take your time. Do not rush to select a specific topic. Pick a topic that motivates you to invest your efforts in the research. You will need to enjoy the research process.

  • Carrying out the research

The research shapes your understanding of the topic. It will also facilitate the interpretation process of the topic. Record the title and the authors of the resources you use to avoid later confusion. Avoid direct lifting of the content from the resources used to avoid plagiarism.  Critically evaluate your resources, and remember that not all the authors will agree with your opinion

Research Paper Writing skills

  • Construct a tentative thesis for the research paper

Develop a one-sentence thesis statement that will provide a general reflection of the argument you intend to develop for your paper. Make sure your thesis statement is concise. Avoid restating what other authors have written.

  • Creating an outline

The outline will enable you to develop some focus and vision of the research. A comprehensive outline defines the three main sections of the research paper, which are the introduction, body, and conclusion. The outline could also focus on other more specific subheadings.

  • Grouping and detailing the information

Group and organize the information researched according as per the outline. In this section, you also discard information that is not relevant to the main topic. It is also prudent to discard notions of other authors that are difficult for you to understand or include in the research paper. This section enables the student to juxtapose the views from different writers.

  • Draft the Introduction, body and Conclusion

After organizing the research, you may now prepare the first draft of your assignment.

  • Revise the paper to create the final draft

You may take time and revisit your work after some moments. Ensure that the argument is logical. Each paragraph needs to have a topic sentence that links with the preceding paragraph. The paper should be well formatted and cited correctly.

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