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MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people (Hiring solutions)

MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people- An Evaluation of the current R&S process for a specific job role. The ultimate hiring solution. Identification of the possible issue(s) in the current practice.

You will need to research, evaluate the current R&S process for a specific job role, and identify the possible issue(s) in the current practice. Based on your evaluation, you will introduce an additional selection technique (or replace an existing technique) in detail that strengthens the current selection practice. When doing so, you will focus on how and why the organisation could use this technique to improve their selection outcomes.

Through this  MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people assessment, you will develop

  • Firstly, An in-depth understanding of a selection technique, and
  • Secondly, your ability to apply your knowledge to a specific organisational setting and a particular role in that setting
  • Your ability to communicate key messages to your audience in a typical business format

 MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people: Target Audience

The audience for your report will be the senior management team at your selected organisation. Therefore, the material within the report must reflect a perfect balance between academic/evidence-based rigour and practical application.

Then, select your selection technique for your hiring solution from the five options below: 

  • Shortlisting procedures
  • Structured selection interviews
  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Personality tests
  • Work samples

Finally, the proposed structure for  MGB230 Recruiting and selecting people Assignment includes:

  • Cover page
    • Title of assessment
    • Tutor’s Name
    • Word count
  • Introduction
  • Critical analysis: In this case, try to provide a summary of gaps/issues in the current selection process
  • Introducing the new selection technique: In particular, what it measures, validity and reliability
  • Implementation of new technique: In this case, what are the requirements for effective use of the introduced selection technique in the organisation?

Detailed Instructions

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Euthanasia- Medically assisted suicide (contemporary moral issue)

Euthanasia- medically assisted suicide:

An analysis of a important contemporary moral issue.

  • You will review both sides of the issue you choose, and determine your own stance. Paper is minimum of 1600 words. Cite 2 outside sources including at least 1 academic journal article. Typed in size 12 times new roman font.

Ethical problems of Euthanasia- medically assisted suicide

Does an individual who has no hope of recovery have the right to decide how and when to end their life?

Why allow euthanasia?

Those in favour of euthanasia argue that a civilised society should allow people to die in dignity and without pain, and should allow others to help them do so if they cannot manage it on their own.

Why forbid euthanasia?

Religious opponents of euthanasia believe that God gives life, and only God should decide when to end it.

Other opponents fear that if euthanasia was made legal, there would be the abuse of the laws regulating it , and there would be killing of people who didn’t really want to die.

The legal position of Euthanasia- medically assisted suicide

Euthanasia is illegal in most countries, although doctors do sometimes carry out euthanasia even where it is illegal.

Euthanasia is illegal in Britain. To kill another person deliberately is murder or manslaughter, even if the other person asks you to kill them. Anyone doing so could potentially face 14 years in prison.

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Organizational Financial Analysis: Capital structure, financial performance

Detailed Instructions

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Organizational Financial Analysis

Critically evaluate the capital structure of your chosen organisation and discuss whether it is aligned to the organisation’s strategic goals. For example, does your organisation have a greater degree of debt or equity (or its equivalent in the case of not for profit or public sector organisations) and how does this impact upon the gearing of the organisation? You should also consider how the organisation views risk and return (or its equivalent in the case of not for profit or public sector organisations).

About Capital structure.

In this case, Capital Structure refers to the amount of debt and/or equity  that a firms employs to fund its operations and finance its assets.  We typically express the structure as a debt-to-equity or debt-to-capital ratio.

More about Organizational Financial Analysis

Part b (800 words) Critically assess the organization’s financial performance and its overall approach to managing stakeholders expectations. This should include some interpretation of the financial statements and any other information you consider relevant.

Part c (400 words) Discuss how the issues you have explained in part a) and part b) above might be addressed in terms of improvements or recommendations. How might your recommendations result in more effective financial decision making for your chosen organisation? The overall word count for this assignment is 2,000 words.

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Jessica ASD Case Assignment: The stressors are they experiencing


Jessica ASD Case: Working with Families-

Ways in which Jessica’s parents and siblings are affected. In this case, the stressors are they experiencing. Then, how is the family functioning differently than if Jessica did not have ASD?
Subsequently,  indentify the strategies that could be employed to support Jessica’s parents and siblings. You will also try to address how practitioners engage families in service delivery.

Jessica ASD Case: Environmental Measures-

Under environmental measures, to begin with, discuss Jessica’s problematic behaviours. In this regard, how would you conduct a functional behavioural assessment on Jessica. In addition, explain what tools would you use. Finally, what hypotheses do you have regarding the function of her behaviour and the factors that are maintaining problematic behaviours?
Certainly, still under environmental measures, you will need to address the Antecedent-based interventions. In particular, the interventions should be effective in addressing the identified behaviours above, and why? You may as well discuss how you would implement at least one of these interventions.

Jessica ASD Case: Applied Behaviour Analysis-

In this case, what ABA techniques would be effective to teach Jessica new skills? Consequently, explain why these techniques are effective. In addition, what verbal behaviour instruction would be most relevant.
Besides, try to explain how could ABA be used to address Jessica’s problematic behaviours. In particular, develop a brief behaviour support plan to address one target behaviour.

Jessica ASD Case: Communication Skills

To begin with, describe Jessica’s communication profile. Equally important, the role of joint attention in her communication, social interaction, and play.
On the other hand, what are the important communication goals for Jessica? In the same way, what intervention strategies would be most appropriate for Jessica to promote her language development? To sum up the communication skills section, decribe joint attention.

Jessica ASD Case: Social Skills

In particular, provide key areas of social difficulties that Jessica experiences. Besides, what features of her social-emotional development compromise her ability to relate?
Equally important, in relation to Jessica’s social-emotional developement, provide strategies that could be used to teach her appropriate social behaviours. Finally, under social skill, illustrate how would you implement the identified strategies.

Jessica ASD Case: Daily Living Skills

In daily living skills, firstly, discuss the needs that Jessica has. Similarly, provide the barriers which are limiting her independence with these living skills.
Moreover, under this section, you may also need to focus on Instructional strategies that would be beneficial for Jessica to increase her independence.  Finally, under daily living skills, how would you promote the generalization of her skills?

Detailed Instructions

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PSY347 Research Report: Individual differences and well-being linked

Detailed Instructions


Overview of PSY347 Research Report Assignment-

Your task is to write a research report as if you had conducted the study. Particularly, the report is to contain an introduction, results, and discussion section, and comply with APA style requirements for a research report. However, you do not need to include the Methods section in your report as the details about the study are provided in this document. That is, information about the materials and research procedure should be in the methods section at the end of this document

Please read the methods information to acquire a clear understanding of the nature of the study.

Specific PSY347 Research Report Research Questions

You need to develop the research questions into research hypotheses. Altogether, keep in mind that a research hypothesis needs to be specific and testable.

  • Is there a gender difference in belief in the paranormal?
  • Is there evidence to suggest that there is an effect of age on belief in the paranormal? i.e. Are younger people more likely to believe compared to older adults? For this you will need to partition age into three groups (Use RECODE command in SPSS)
  • How far are belief and anomalous experiences related to well-being?
  • Which variable or combination of variables is the best predictor of belief in the paranormal?

PSY347 Research Report

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