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COM 1107Argumentative Persuasive Essay – Political issue with multiple sides

Detailed Instructions


ArgumentativePersuasive Essay Making, defending and solidifying opinion

A mong the most crucial skills that are required of communication practitioners is the ability to describe, argue and justify messages, stances and lines of thinking. Regardless of your concentration, this is a necessity, and the best way to practice forming and defending ideas is through writing, specifically essay writing. Although some academics/writers conflate argumentative and persuasive essays, there are marked differences between the two. Argumentative essays present arguments about two or more sides to an issue. Although there is usually a clear stance made by the writer, these sides are usually presented neutrally: balanced equally and all sides validated. Persuasive essays only present one argument, and that argument is almost always supportive of a stance. Persuasive essays are usually less neutral than argumentative essays because your goal is to influence your readers’ opinions. But the most important thing to note about both of these issues is that they require logic and reason to substantiate these opinions. Similar to your critical essay midterm, a lot hinges on the evidence you provide that supports your opinion.

For this assignment, I want you to pick pick a relevant and timely social, cultural or political issue that has multiple sides to it. You must mention at least two sides to the issue, but I want you expand most on the stance that you believe in.In other words, I want you to structure your essay just like an argumentative essay but to make clear that what you believe in is correct, like you would in a persuasive essay.

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Concepts pertaining to strategy and competitive advantage

Detailed Instructions


MGMT  425 Section FINAL EXAM    SPRING 2021

The purpose of the following questions is to assess your ability to identify and appropriately apply relevant concepts pertaining to strategy and competitive advantage.  

Many concepts come directly from Chapters 7- 12, as well as parts of Chapter 5.   However, some questions will ask you to demonstrate proficiency in foundational concepts from earlier parts of the course.

In order for me to best assess your grasp of the concepts in context please do not use outside sources, other than the textbook and the lectures.    Plagiarism of any kind will result in failing the exam.   Direct quotes from the Rothaermel text or even the lecture notes may result in reduced credit.  I need to assess your ability to articulate your reasoning in your own words.  Your Turnitin score should be zero.   The one exception to your use of outside sources would be use of relevant real-world company examples.  You may use examples from any of the companies we have studied  (except Dunder Mifflin) or any other real world company.  Although real world examples are very helpful and may boost your grade,  they are not required. 

Please do not use your own personal experiences or use “I” or “in my opinion” as this is not appropriate in the context of an analytical paper. 


The exam is worth a total of 20% of your grade.  There are four parts to this exam.

1)      One 25 point question on Corporate Strategy

2)      One 25-point question on General Business Strategy

3)      One 25-point question on Innovation

4)      One 25-point question on Strategic Execution, with a slight emphasis on maintaining ethical behavior

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Domestic Violence Act 2018 Law in Ireland

Detailed Instructions



Domestic Violence Act 2018 Law in Ireland


Essay Topic:

Marla has contacted you for advice. She has recently bought a house with her partner, Oscar. At first, Oscar was a great partner but has now become violent. The violence started very soon   after Oscar and Marla moved in together. Oscar’s temper would flare up without warning. He was physically violent towards her so many times she lost count. She tried to leave him before, but he returned to the house unexpectedly when she was packing her car. He dragged her back into the house and beat her violently, breaking her cheekbone and two of her ribs. He told her that this was a warning, and nothing compared to what would happen if she ever tried to leave again.

Advice Marla on what legal protection is available under the Domestic Violence Act 2018.


You can use the suggested headings for the writing of this essay below.


In your introduction;

Discuss the legal protection, the different order that are available under the new violent Act 2018, and give some background to this topic.


·         What protection is available, discuss the five orders, which is, two full orders are the Safety Order and Barring Order, and the other three short terms orders are Interim Barring Order, Emergency Barring Order, and Protection Order. Explain each order who can apply. What is the test of the requirement for each order and what is the legal effect of each order.



In conclusion;

Explaining and apply all these two full orders and the three short term order also the property test to Maria case.



You cannot copy directly from the class materials. This is plagiarism. You must try to be able to find, interpret and apply the material information into your own words to answer this question.





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Health professions programs Collaboration – Approaches to solving health care-related issues

Detailed Instructions


End of Year Essay

Each student is required to write and upload to Blackboard a 700 word essay describing what they have learned from their group members during the class experience, how they contributed to the team, what they learned from the experience in terms of interprofessional dependence to achieve patient outcomes and the patient experience, and their three takeaways from the course.  Deadline may 22nd .

       In this course, students from health professions programs work together to discuss and investigate approaches to solving health care-related issues as an inter-professional, collaborative team.  Topics will include role of health care professionals, team-work, and leadership in health care delivery, cultural competency, medical errors, and prescription and non-prescription drug abuse and addiction.

            Course Objectives

The course is designed to have students from health professions programs work together to discuss and investigate approaches to solving health care-related issues as an inter-professional, collaborative team. 

IPE Collaboration Core Competencies (incorporates 2016 updates)

Roles and Responsibilities (Module 5):

1)      Explain the roles and responsibilities of other providers and how the team works together to provide care, promote health and prevent disease (ARTICULATION).

2)      Communicate with team members to clarify each member’s responsibility in executing components of a treatment plan or public health intervention (DELINEATING).

3)      Describe how professionals in health and other fields can collaborate and integrate clinical car and public health interventions to optimize population health (LOGISTICAL).

Values and Ethics (Module 6):

1)      Place interests of patients and populations at center of interprofessional health care delivery and population health programs and policies, with the goal of promoting health and health equity across the span (SELFLESSNESS).

2)      Respect the dignity and privacy of patients while maintaining confidentiality in the delivery of team-based care (PRIVACY).

Develop a trusting relationship with fellow team members, patients and caregivers (TRUSTWORTHY       

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BTEC 453Stem cell therapies – GMP challenges involved with Gene therapies

Detailed Instructions


Final Term Exam Fall 2021 – BTEC 453


1.                   Stem cell therapies

a.       How would you prepare a biomanufacturing process for this technology? (minimum 1 page description)

b.       Provide some key steps in the process

c.       What might be 4 main GMP related concerns or challenges?



2.                   Advanced biomanufacturing involves several new technologies

a.       List some key GMP manufacturing documents that might be relevant for these technologies (find minimum 5 relevant documents).

b.       What are some key GMP challenges involved with Gene therapies?



3.                   Highlight some key elements in the process flow and unit operation involved with manufacturing recombinant proteins.

a.       Provide a process flow diagram of the process (examples of proteins like antibodies, vaccines, etc)


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