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Strategic Response to Addressing HIV/AIDS – Focusing on one key affected population

Detailed Instructions


Task description
Provide a comprehensive strategic response to addressing HIV/AIDS within Nigeria, focusing on one key affected population This report needs to be a thorough analysis, encompassing an integrated and comprehensive set of recommendations for addressing the specific needs of that group. It will need to be backed up by the academic literature and evidence. Your report ought to address issues and appropriate responses within each of the four pillars identified (Stigma, discrimination and the law; and HIV treatment, care and support).
What to address
1. In-depth understanding of the social, cultural and political impact of HIV on one key affected population in your country of choice.
2. Ability to articulate clearly the issues relating to the key affected population.
3. Ability to critically assess your country’s response to these issues in relation to all four pillars identified in this course.
4. Ability to propose a strategic public health response to this issue.
Criteria to be assessed
It will be assessed against the following criteria:
1. Relevance of your work
2. Work responds directly to the assigned task
3. Describes the issues and problems affecting the key affected population based on evidence from the literature
4. Proposes a thorough and effective response to HIV for the key affected population based on the identified issues, evidence for effective strategies, as well as taking into consideration the unique circumstances of the country, and which encompasses all four pillars (stigma, discrimination, and the law, and HIV treatment, care and support).
5. Evidence of critical understanding
6. Conclusions are supported by evidence and argument
7. Intellectual coherence of your work
8. Logical flow of ideas
9. Presentation is clear and concise
10. Referencing is accurate
You can mention strategies that have been successfully implemented in other countries as a suggestion for strengthening the National Strategic Plans to support our claims

National Strategic Plan will be attached to the document for use.

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Political Journalism – Gatekeeping Problems in Journalism

Detailed Instructions


Shelby Wheeler

Week 1 Assignment

·         Please introduce yourself, telling me as much about yourself as you’d like to share and explaining your interest in this material and hopes for the class. I look forward to getting to know more about you. Take as much or little space as you’d like.

My name is Shelby Wheeler. I am a film and television major and a journalism and documentary production minor. I just graduated in June, but I’m finishing up my minor. I am intrigued by political news and fascinated by how the current worldwide pandemic and other national race relations are perceived through the media.

·         How does Broussard explain differences in framing and emphasis on the news coverage of race relations in the summer of 1964 of the three papers she studied? (250-500 words)


 3. How do Rhodes’ findings about coverage of the Black Panthers relate to what you learned from Kilgo about coverage of protests more recently? (250-words)

4. Much has changed in how news is reported and distributed since White studied Mr. Gates in 1950 and when Long-Scott wrote about gatekeeping problems in journalism in 2004. Which of Long-Scott’s major points of criticism have roots in the same decision-making explained by Mr. Gates, and how does LongScott suggest journalists improve on those shortcomings? (250 words)

5. Explain what Long-Scott means when he writes about journalists as people with great power who work in the center of a perpetual storm. What is his advice for handling this pressure effectively and producing more accurate reporting? (250 words)

6. How do social media users in Clark’s study use gatekeeping methods similar to journalists in this week’s other readings? How does this study contribute to new ways of thinking about gatekeeping theory in relation to the White and Long-Scott readings? (250 words)

7. How can you apply what you’ve learned this week about framing and gatekeeping theory to your career interests and/or as a citizen and/or news consumer? (250 words)


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Contemporary Issues in Banking and Finance – Monetary Policy Change in the US

Detailed Instructions


FormattingPlease use the following file format(s): Word, RTF, ODF, PDF.We cannot ensure that other formats are compatible with markers’ software and cannot guarantee to mark incorrect formats.Please include the module name and number and your student number (not your name).Please indicate clearly which questions you are answering.Instructions for submission You must submit your assignment before the stated deadline by electronic submission throughBlackboard.·It is your responsibility to submit coursework in a format stipulated aboveYour marks will be affected if your tutor cannot open or properly view your submission.·You can submit as many times as you like up to end of the submission period; only the lastsuccessful submission will be marked.·Do not leave submission to the very last minute. Always allow time in case of technical issues.·The date and time of your submission is taken from the Blackboard server and is recorded when your submission is complete, not when you click Submit. ·It is essential that you check that you have submitted the correct file(s), and that each complete file was received. Submission receipts are accessed from the Coursework tab.There is no late submission permitted on this timed assessment.Further guidance and support before and during assessmentTechnical supportSee UWE’s IT support pages for support with software for home and immediate technical issues. Note that a limited service may be available due to ongoing UK restrictions, and therefore please report issues as soon as possible. If it is not possible to resolve them, personal circumstances will be offered.2

Instructions·Candidates must answer ONEquestion from Section A AND TWO questions from Section B·The marks available for each answer are shown below the questions.·The word limit is 3000 words.·As is usual for an exam, for this assessment you are not expected to include full referencing,but are encouraged to cite the sources of key theories, models, case studies, statutes etc. ·Multiple submissions can be made to the portal, but only the final one will be accepted. Please save your work frequently. ·This is an individual assessment: do not copy and paste work from any other source. Text-matching software will be used on all submissions – more detail provided below. ·There is no +/- 10% on word count and anything after the maximum word count will not be marked, in line with UWE’s Word Count Policy.SECTION A1. (a) Can the central bank control the quantity of money in the economic system?(9 marks)(b) Explain the process by which the central bank influences money market rates under an inflation targeting regime. (9 marks) (c) How do central banks use open market operations to affect macroeconomic variables such as output and employment?(8 marks)(d) How did monetary policy change in the US after the 2008 financial crisis?(8 marks)2. (a) Describe the three equation New Consensus model of monetary macroeconomics.(16 marks)(b) Explain the main advantages and shortcomings of this model. (6 marks)(c) The coronavirus will lead to a severe economic shock in many countries. How should central banks respond?(12 marks)3

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Digital Marketing – A Contact Form and a simple Chat bot

Detailed Instructions


1. Create a WordPress site – for the purpose I have created a new google account / gmail and I will provide you with the passwords and login details. And you should create the WordPress Page with that account. Thank you!


·         Check that you can access your blog via the url

·         Note: You must include the following disclaimer on your WordPress site:
“This site and all of its content shown are for educational purposes only”

·         Ensure that the pages on your WordPress portfolio have a password, which you have provided to us on the submission template (note: This is NOT the same as the username and password you have to get in to your site, this is the password you create for each page of the site, within the ‘pages’ menu option on WordPress- see WordPress help video on Blackboard)

·         You are strongly advised to check your completed work against the Grading Matrix to ensure have completed all areas required.


 2. Google Garage


·         Create a page on your WordPress site for Google Garage:

– Tutorial provided from the module leader:  How to add a page in WordPress


·        Upload a screenshot of your Google Garage certificate with your name and the date it was completed. – Dear Writer, I am finishing my Google garage tests and I will shortly provide screenshots for the certificate and badges once completed

·         Display a log of badges being completed through screenshots and a brief bullet points of what each badge covered.


Optional – see grading matrix for bonus material in relation to each grade band criteria

·        Screenshots of least 5 bonus material badges being completed, with brief sentence/bullet points. – I will additionally send badges as well


  3. Add a fully functional, named, chatbot for a chosen business category/ industry (e.g.
     clothing, technology, food and drink, etc.).
– the ChatBot needs to be for an online bookstore/bookshop

Create a page on your WordPress site for Chatbot information.

·         On the Chatbot page add documentation of the design, development and testing process:


– you will need to include:

·         A chatbot design

·         Screenshots of the development process

·         A fully functional chatbot

·         A test plan with completed tests

·         230-word (approx.) justification


·         Attach the finished chatbot to your WordPress site via the Snatchbot plugin.

·         Add the justification your choices of chatbot functionality and how this technology could enhance the business (e.g. performance and/or service delivery) (approximately 230 words).

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Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan – objectives of job satisfaction

This assignment focuses on Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan. There is also a description of  objectives of job satisfaction. So, what employees working in the 21st century consider to be benefits .

Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan – objectives of job satisfaction

Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan

Paper details:

Now that you have considered how to recruit and retain the employees you want in your organization. Also, create a compensation and benefits package using this business proposal format. Preview the document. The package must be consistent with the objectives of job satisfaction for the valuable employees in an organization of your design. Include the following: Salaries and benefits packages of comparable organizations in the same industry. What employees working in the 21st century consider to be benefits (see this week’s recommended readings for a start).

Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan – objectives of job satisfaction

What helps to keep employees engaged in their work (see State of the American workplace: Employee engagement for U.S. business leaders (Links to an external site.) and Surprising, Disturbing Facts from the Mother of All Employee Engagement Surveys (Links to an external site.) for some ideas). Please review the Word 2010 create and edit tables (Links to an external site.) video. Closed captioning and transcript of the video is provided in the tool bar of the video player. Your business proposal must b formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, must include a separate reference page, and must include citations from the text and at least four scholarly sources.

Detailed Instructions


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