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Marketing for Managers: Case study on social marketing.


Case study on social marketing.

This assessment looks at cause-related marketing which supports a cause, or social marketing that furthers a cause.

You are to choose a business, non-profit or government organisation and go through the social market planning process as shown in the text on p. 847.



You are to

1. Decide on the business/non-profit group/government organisation that you will study.

2. Find literature that explains the reasons why this type of organisation is needed.

3. Choose an appropriate target market and justify your choice. Using statistics to back up your choice is highly recommended.

4. What is the behaviour you are trying to create?

5. What are the benefits of this behaviour?

6. Develop an attention-grabbing message for one media that you will use.

7. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your message?


Possible sol:

Alcohol is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Australia. Every year, about 3,000 citizens die out of alcohol related cases while another 65,000 are hospitalized. The National Binge Drinking Campaign (NBDC) reports that in 2016 alone, the alcohol-related costs reached $17billion. Alcohol is also reported to be one of the major contributor social problems amongst the college students in Australia. The immediate harmful effects of alcohol include injuries, physical harm, and accidents. The long term harmful effects of alcohol are the chronic diseases, including cancer, road trauma, and alcohol-related liver cirrhosis. Alcohol is highly accessible especially to the college students, and harms related to alcohol abuse are on the rise in the Australian universities. The Australian government created its arm, the National Binge Drinking Campaign in March 2008 to help address the problem of high levels of binge drinking amongst the youth in Australia. The government allocates a yearly budget to NBDC to fund its operations. This marketing plan proposes a social marketing plan for NBDC to conduct a targeted online campaign to help solve binge drinking amongst Australian University students. The proposed social marketing campaign is to last for one year to help appeal to the young college going students and to inform then about the consequences and costs of binge drinking…

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Book review on Barbara Berglund’s Making San Francisco American

Write 1000 words Read Barbara Berglund’s Making San Francisco American: Cultural Frontiers in the Urban West 1846-1906. Write a 1000-word minimum scholarly book review. The essay should address all of the following: 1. A brief summary of the book. 2. The significance of gender. 3. The significance of ethnicity. 4. The significance of social class level. 5. A thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the book. You can use reviews of the book to write the book review —Outside sources may be used, but must be properly cited, using either MLA or Chicago-Turabian style. If you do not own a style manual already, I encourage you to purchase one. If you do not have the money to buy a style manual, they are available in the library for your use.

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The Impact of Workplace Bullying

Provide a review of the article. Describe the impact of workplace bullying on both the victims and the organization.
Reflect on a time when you may have witnessed workplace bullying. Discuss at least two practices of workplace bullying addressed in the article that were applicable to your scenario.
Recommend at least two techniques from the article that management should implement to provide a positive impact on workplace bullying. Support your response with additional information from the textbook or additional research.
Your paper must be two to three pages (not including title and reference pages) and must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide. You must cite two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

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Marketing for Managers: Analysis of a case study on social marketing.


This assessment looks at cause-related marketing which supports a cause, or social marketing that furthers a cause.

You are to critically examine and compare the RSPCA Adopt a pet campaign reviewed at


the WWF Adopt an animal reviewed at


Your task is to critically analyse both websites for information about the 4Ps of marketing.

Product – define the term and explain what the core benefit, the expected product and augmented product are for a customer;

Price – define the term and determine the initial cost and what is the ongoing cost for a customer;

Place/distribution – define the term and describe where can you obtain the product and how easy would it be for you as a customer to make a purchase;

Promotion – define the term and explain what messages are being sent to potential customers and what types of messages are these;

Based on the information and analysis you have completed, justify who is the target market for each campaign and explain if you fit within that target market.

This assessment will be a good step towards helping you for Assessment 3 where you will use the 4Ps to come up with your own cause-related or social marketing campaign.

Sample response

The commencement of RSPCA and WWF represents the resourcefulness which geared towards the increased economic performance which is unencumbered from any form of inconveniences. The Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (RSPCA) is working to mark an end to the cruelty towards animals by actively promoting care and protection. They rely on Individuals and on organizations to carry out their key work in the community (Parity, 2011). Australia’s vast continent is home to many magnificent plants and animals on Earth, and World Wildlife Fund or World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in partnership with other organizations have stepped ahead to protect these endangered species (Harrison, P. 1992). The products in RSPCA are the second chance animals which are being funded and supported by individuals which include dogs, pigs, hens, etc.; the products of WWF play a significant role in making certain that the environmental conditions are convenient for the organization to survive with limited challenges…..


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Discuss the importance of the concepts of fantasy, desire and televisual effect for understanding your own investment in particular media fictions and fantasies.

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Fantasy and fiction are dependent on the use of technology. This has brought about characters and outcomes that brings out characteristics that are satisfactory to the viewers. The unsatisfied appetite for the Transmedia products is essential for passing stories. In other circumstances, role-playing as seen in pieces such as the Lord of the Rings has let out the fantasy settings that encouraged its development and release for public use…

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