This essay focuses on Cause-and-Effect. There is also an analysis of entertainment aspect of American culture. So,you may consider a community, city-, or statewide shortage, or a nation or worldwide crisis.

Cause-and-Effect Essay : entertainment aspect of American culture

ENGL 1301




  • At least 3 full pages (no more than 3 ½) + Works Cited page


  • MLA (typed, double-spaced, proper heading and header)


  • You must include at least 2 and no more than 4 outside sources, properly referenced and cited in your paper
  • Include an accurate Works Cited page that includes all your sources
  • At least 2 sources must come from VC library databases; any other(s) must be also be credible (.org, .edu, .gov, published news articles)


Create a cause-and-effect essay in which you discuss one of the topics below. Thoroughly analyze the causes and/or effects for your topic.


  • “Who Killed Benny Paret?” addresses some of the problems with the entertainment side of the boxing industry. Extend this to another sports or entertainment aspect of American culture. Using this essay as a starting point, write a cause-and-effect essay that explores either the possible causes or effects of an aspect of the American sports or entertainment industry today (think: bloodthirsty fans, glorification of athletes, brand consumerism, etc.).

 Cause-and-Effect Essay : entertainment aspect of American culture

  • Explore the causes of one of these problems: voter apathy, school shootings, or academic cheating. What do you see as the major and contributing causes for your selected topic?


  • Write an essay considering the likely effects of a severe, protracted shortage of one of the following commodities: clean water, flu vaccine, or gasoline. You may consider a community, city-, or statewide shortage, or a nation or worldwide crisis.

   To write on another cause and/or effect topic, be sure to ask approval.

Detailed Instructions


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