Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

This activity aims to learn how to interpret your observation notes, so you can plan a meaningful and developmentally appropriate math activity for the children you are working with. I will not be asking for a full lesson plan, but you should be able to provide notes that show me there is a reason for the selection of your activity.

**This is meant to be practice using your observation notes to plan an activity you would do, not to be a write-up of something you did do. I do not expect to see you write about a book you or another teacher read to the children and how that went… You are choosing a book based on your observation notes and planning an activity based on your observation notes. For example, in your running record observation, you wrote about a child that was engaged in playing with water and sand for an extended time. So, maybe you choose a book that includes the beach, sandcastles, even mud because they would likely have an interest. Likewise, maybe in your observation notes you noticed a child having difficulty making friends, so you choose a book about friendship.***


Using the observation notes that you have taken, plan a small group math activity that includes the following:

  1. A book that the children would be interested in based on your observations.
  2. Create a hands-on activity that will scaffold the children learning in the domain of Math. For example, if you notice the children have been sequencing you might create a sequencing activity based on the interests of the children. Please describe and include the steps for your hands-on activity.
  3. 3 open-ended questions. The questions should make the children use critical thinking skills. If you ask yourself the question and respond with one word, you will need to rethink how you phrased it. Open-ended questions open up a conversation, they do not seek one correct answer, and they are not answered with, “yes, no, I don’t know, maybe…etc.”
  4. Please provide the observation notes that show the children would be interested in the book you selected.