BUS499 Assignment Formatting and Expectations

This is a capstone course and your deliverables should reflect an expert level of knowledge and skills. Each paragraph of your paper should represent a thoughtful and well-researched response.


To receive full credit for formatting your paper should include:

• A title page formatted according to Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). Note: the title page and source list are NOT counted in the page length requirement for the paper. A 4-6 page paper would contain 4-6 pages of writing + the title and source pages.

• An introduction paragraph with no more than six sentences and no direct quotes.

• Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) requirements are as follows: o The body of the paper (margins, font, spacing, etc.) follows SWS. Review sample

paper and template for details at https://library.strayer.edu/sws/paper o Headings for each written section, based on the assignment instructions in SWS

format. (Note: sometimes there are two headings in a single instruction.) See Week 3 assignment template for an example.

o Source page formatted in SWS format.


• Review the assignment instructions, rubric and the faculty video(s). The faculty videos

provide hints on where to locate information and how to address each topic in depth and

includes do’s and don’ts.

• The textbook and external research will be cited on all assignments.

• Remember to define explain, evaluate, and/or analyze terminology. The rubric will

provide the criteria for what expected.

• Demonstrate an ability to apply the concepts in a real-world assessment of a corporation.

Cite specific research to support the evidence presented within each assignment


• Strayer University uses SafeAssign, an automated plagiarism checker. Complete and

submit original work. Avoid copying content from any previous assignments.

o If needed, review the Strayer Library Resource: Use Your Own Words:

Preventing Plagiarism

• Submit assignments by the assigned due date or the submission will be subject to a late