The assignment focuses on Change in Turkish Foreign Policy. Also, there is a description of The impact of Erdogans personality. So, discuss more in detail.

Change in Turkish Foreign Policy – The impact of Erdogans personality

Description. Firstly, the role of AKP in change of Turkish foreign policy. Secondly, the reduction of the role of military and its impact on foreign policy change.

1. The impact of Erdogans personality as a driving force in Turkish foreign policy
2. Kurdish Issue inside Turkey as a driving force

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Change in Turkish Foreign Policy – The impact of Erdogans personality

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is clearly the most controversial figure in recent Turkish political history. His preponderance in political life is remarkable even by Turkish standards. Because Erdoğan is so powerful and has effectively weakened most internal checks on his power, any attempt to explain Turkey’s recent foreign policy outcomes will be seriously lacking without considering his leadership impact. The purpose of this study is to investigate Erdoğan’s worldview and leadership style, and evaluate their impact on his government’s policy processes and outputs. To do that, we employ the Leadership Trait Analysis technique to construct the leadership profile of Erdoğan through content analysis of his verbal records while in office.

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