Project Two:
Change Over Time Playlist. You will create a playlist of at least three songs from one artist that demonstrates an argument about a change over time in their career or artistry. To support this playlist, you will include a write-up of 3 pages and use one secondary source. Your write-up should include an introduction paragraph with a thesis that makes a strong argument about what changed and why and/or how this change impacted the genre overall. Analyze the songs and sources using rhetorical devices such as logos, pathos, and ethos. Introduce your reliable secondary source with a signal phrase to help the reader understand why the source is relevant and trustworthy. Use a mix of quotes and paraphrase from the source to support your argument and then analyze the source in order to make it clear how it connects to your thesis. Include a Works Cited page that lists the three songs (primary sources) and the secondary source in MLA format. 

What are your plans for Project 2? What artist do you plan to write about? What change will you explore in their music? What songs (3-5) will you use to show this change? How do you think the songs you choose will exemplify this change? What does this change say about the genre as a whole?