The assignment explores Forum Security Risks. Besides, there is a description of Changes in Law Enforcement. So, what kind of security risks might these devices pose.

Forum Security Risks – Changes in Law Enforcement

Firstly, computers are becoming smaller, faster, and more powerful. They also integrated into more devices, systems, and infrastructure. Currently it is possible to purchase a refrigerator with a built-in screen for World Wide Web access, and other home appliances are also available for incorporation into newly constructed or retrofitted “smart houses.” The results indicate that factors such as domain consensus, dependence and influence relationships, and perceptions of threat affect both the acceptance and use of these organizational changes.

Forum Security Risks – Changes in Law Enforcement

What kind of security risks might these devices pose? As computers become more integrated into our daily lives, how does the job of computer crime law enforcement units change? Provide two specific examples. A major problem in identifying and understanding change in law enforcement organizations is in specifying the object of intended change and the process by which change  to implemented. The study focuses on organizational-structural change in police organizations and examines factors which have influenced the implementation of saturation patrol units, covert surveillance units, and regionalized detective bureaus.

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