The assignment talks about Characteristics for Persons with Disabilities. Also, there is a description of South Side Occupational program. So, what are your reactions to the labor force statistics.

Characteristics for Persons with Disabilities – South Side Occupational program

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So, read the report on current labor force characteristics for persons with disabilities from 2019. Firstly, then watch the following  Additionally, video about a South Side Occupational program to answer the following questions. Also, what are your reactions to the labor force statistics for individuals with disabilities? What surprised you from these statistics?Once students have demonstrated mastery within the classes at our main building, they are referred to the Career and Community Connections (C3) program. Established in August 2017, the C3 program is an extension of the services that we offer to students providing them with the opportunity to serve in internships across the City of Chicago. Teachers and paraprofessionals assist students as they travel from the C3 Hub to internship sites using public transportation.

Characteristics for Persons with Disabilities – South Side Occupational program

Firstly, what are some of the biggest barriers for individuals with disabilities who want to enter the job market? 2. How do you think programs like the one at South Side Occupational could aid people with disabilities to achieve success in the job market? source : Our educational program is quite unique in that we provide classes to students to build skills necessary to move on to adult life. Teachers and paraprofessionals work together to differentiate curricular concepts into meaningful activities for each student. All students are enrolled in a variety of Special Olympics competitions. Combined, our student athletes currently participate in 22 sports throughout the year. Since 2010, we have revolutionized the school environment to create hands-on learning labs in every room.

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