Clarify the historical context (author and audience, date, central issue) of the primary source.
A: Organization 1 point
Thesis has an argument or an interpretation, historical evidence is provided, essay is
organized into coherent and logical paragraphs. 0-1 errors in the historical evidence provided.

B. Addresses all parts of the questions 10 points
1. What is the title of the primary source? When was the document written?

2. Who is the author? What is the author’s background or position in society? What is the author’s bias? What does the author feel strongly in favor of or strongly against?

3. Who is the intended audience?

4. What is the central issue in the document?

5. Are any historical events mentioned the primary source? What does the document tell us about the historical era?

C. Originality 2 points

0-10% 2 points

11-32% 1 point

33% or higher you will receive an F on the assignment.

D. Length (3 page minimum ) 3 points

3 pages 3 points

2 pages 2 points

1 page 1 point

E. Chicago Citations 4 points

1 point for correctly identifying a primary source in the essay.

1 point for correctly distinguishing two secondary sources from a primary source in the essay.

1 point bibliography has three sources cited correctly.

1 point footnotes has 3 sources cited correctly.