This assignment gives the student the opportunity to conduct further research on a critical child welfare issue. Students will be required to IDENTIFY a specific way that a child can experience child maltreatment as they DISCOVER knowledge about real problems experienced within families. Students will utilize various methods of presenting their information in a way that ENGAGES the audience that will be reading their papers as well as watching their presentation. 

Students should also IDENTIFY how the discovered material is relevant to the course they are currently completing. Students will ANALYZE at least 5 articles related to their child maltreatment topic and the culture related to the perspective they write their paper/presentation. The paper should be 5 pages in length. Also, ANALYZE why the information that was discovered is important. Last, students will EVALUATE the following questions: 
1. What have I learned? Is it different than what I thought it was? 
2.What would I do different?
3.What new goals/tasks do I have?