Children with Emotional and Behavior Disorders (Related to Special Education)

Children with Emotional and Behavior Disorders (Related to Special Education)

Mini research paper (150pts.) “Your Final paper will be over a topic of your choice related to special education. The paper is worth 150 points and should be written following formal college writing standards with MLA or APA formatting. 5-8 pages of content is required not including your title page and work cited page, typed in 10-12 point font and double spaced, a minimum of 3 sources should be used including your textbook.” Text book: By: Kirk Gallagher Coleman Anastasiow – Educating Exceptional Children 13th Edition

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Children suffering from emotional as well as behavioral disorders are identified to have a difficult time controlling their behavior and focusing on their activities. The children with the above disorders exhibit various characteristics. The first one includes the inability to learn, inability to maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships with people, unsuitable behavior or feelings, the existence of unhappiness, and the inclination of developing physical symptoms or fears related with private problems(Mayer, Van Acker, Lochman, & Gresham, 2011). One possible strategy for dealing with children includes rewarding positive behavior. This encourages the children to uphold the desired activities and behavior. Another possible approach includes establishing rules and routines. The rules should be simple and positive such as “respect yourself and respect others…

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