This assignment focuses on Reynold’s Children’s Literature. There is also a description of Worlds of Fiction Summative. Your answer should briefly describe the picture book but analysis is the key.

Reynold’s Children’s Literature : Worlds of Fiction Summative

ENGL140 Children’s Literature: Worlds of Fiction Summative Worth: 40% Read this guide carefully. There are 2 questions. YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE QUESTION FROM SECTION A AND THEN ANSWER THE COMPULSORY QUESTION FROM SECTION B. The Section A question is worth 10%. The question in section B is worth 30%. The answer to section A should be approximately 400 wordsin length and to section B approximately 800-1000 words in length. Read the questions carefully before beginning your responses. Do not have lengthy introductions or include material that is not relevant to your answers. Include quotes from the book that provide relevant evidence for the question you are answering. In general, quotes should represent no more than 10% of the word length. Analysis is the focus of this exercise – summaries of the text should be kept brief.

Reynold’s Children’s Literature : Worlds of Fiction Summative

You may use academic or other sources but these, and your primary texts,should be referenced in the normal APA style. SECTION A Answer ONE of the three questions in Section A 1. Take one of the approaches discussed in Reynold’s Children’s Literature: A Very Short Introduction, pages 42-59, and use it to analyse one picture book. Your answer should briefly describe the picture book but analysis is the key. Use one of the approaches to generate insights about the texts. (10%) OR 2. Ethical questions have been connected to literature for children in a number of ways. Discuss one of the ethical questions we have encountered in the lectures or tutorials and apply this to one of the chapter books you have read. You may refer to the final chapter of Reynold’s Children’s Literature or other scholarly sources for guidance. (10%) OR 3. Choose one of these areas and discuss in relationship to two illustrated books you have read: gender, race or postmodernism.

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